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ESG and Impact

Deploy a world-class ESG & Impact Program

Preqin Solutions’ ESG Module provides private equity professionals with the tools they need to manage the ESG risk within their portfolios and meet the requirements of their LPs, ensuring a competitive edge. The software channels impact and financial reporting into a single workflow to enhance efficiency in data collection.


  • Due Diligence – Evaluate and manage key SRI standards within the investment framework during the due diligence process
  • Risk Management – Track and quantify the progress of ESG initiatives, store and centrally access documentation on impact policies and risks and integrate portfolio companies into a structured reporting process flow and strategy
  • Investor Transparency – Create and populate LP reporting templates to disclose impact-related investment activities and performance. Promote increased transparency at the portfolio level
  • Quantify ESG Performance – Apply your firm’s proprietary scoring and roll-up methodology to automate steps towards monitoring and analyzing ESG compliance at both the fund and portfolio company level

Peqin Solutions ESG Dashboard


  • Seamless integration of financial and ESG performance reporting
  • Speed and efficiency in data collection
  • Differentiation in a competitive environment with a robust operational framework for ESG compliance
  • Access to best practice industry standards from a customer base of top-performing responsible investment firms
  • The ability to seamlessly demonstrate the impact of ESG on the bottom line
  • Retain data from due diligence


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