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Preqin Solutions offers a fresh perspective for private equity firms wishing to complement their existing infrastructure with a cloud solution that automates portfolio company monitoring, performs valuations and streamlines LP reporting.

With the integration of Preqin performance data on more than 8,500 private capital funds, in addition to LN, KS, PME+ and Direct Alpha PME methodologies, the private equity software also gives firms the ability to benchmark their performance against private or public markets.


Automate your portfolio company monitoring and reporting process. Users may access the cloud platform anytime, anywhere; dynamic dashboards are accessible from any device. The Excel-integrated platform can be used to create pdfs and print reports.
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Shorten the valuation cycle and ensure the consistency, transparency and traceability of each exercise. The flexibility of the platform allows for full compatibility with complex waterfalls, cap tables as well as different asset classes and valuation methodologies. + Request a demo


Analyse portfolio and fund track records, including IRR breakdowns, sensitivity analysis to future returns, ‘what if’ scenarios and exit planning, and benchmark yourself against peer private equity funds using Preqin data. + Request a demo


Powered through the Preqin Solutions Monitoring, Valuation and Fund Analyzer modules, the data for every report stems from a consistent source. The tool was designed to save GPs time, while improving the accuracy and proficiency of the reporting process. + Request a demo

All dashboards, reports and charts can be accessed from any device, and can be completely integrated with Microsoft Excel. The Preqin Solutions platform is designed to manage portfolios across different asset classes and investment strategies: traditional buyouts, venture capital, infrastructure, real estate, debt and fund of funds.

With its state of the art API, the Preqin platform can also integrate with a third-party such as a general ledger or CRM system. This ensures information consistency across your back and front office systems, and avoids the manual re-entry of data.


Preqin Solutions workflow

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