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Private Capital Fund Analysis

Bring it all together. Conduct return attribution, project exits and benchmark against public and private market equivalents by using Preqin data. Visualize portfolio and fund track records, including IRR breakdowns, sensitivity analysis to future returns, ‘what if’ scenarios and exit planning.

Drill down to what matters

Truly understand your exposure with interactive analytics and a sophisticated solution that combines both valuation and cash flow data. Predict cash flow problems, calculate IRRs and project the course of your fund.

Drill down to what matters with interactive fund analysis tools
Eliminate manual updates with automated fund analysis tools

From static to ecstatic

Keep exit models relevant without any intervention through a dynamic system that eliminates manual updates across multiple spreadsheets and static models.

Cross the finish line with confidence

Consolidate your information, model exit scenarios for each portfolio company, and evaluate all your options to get the timing of your exits right.

Model exit scenarios for each portfolio with Fund Analysis module
Leverage Preqin data to benchmark your fund performance

Leverage the industry's most comprehensive alternative asset data

Know where you stand in the market with Preqin-powered data on more than 8,500 private capital funds and public market equivalent indices.

Find out how

Preqin Solutions can help you streamline your fund analysis process.

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