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Portfolio management made easy

Preqin Solutions eliminates operational complexity by automating the manual and inefficient processes of data collection, validation, and reporting, allowing you to take control of returns and maximize performance.

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Portfolio monitoring

Automate the data journey from portfolio companies to LPs

Access the actionable insight you need to grow companies with centralized and accurate data. Automate portfolio review, monitor key initiatives, and get alerted to potential issues before they arise. 

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Private Capital Software for Valuation

Private capital valuation

Work smarter, not harder

Improve efficiency, transparency and credibility of your valuation process. Plug-in to a single source of truth and quickly calculate complex waterfalls and cap tables across different asset classes and with alternative valuation methodologies. All full IPEV compliant.

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Fund Analysis

See the future of your fund

Bring it all together. Conduct return attribution, project exits and benchmark against public and private equivalents by using Preqin data. Visualize portfolio and fund track records, including IRR breakdowns, sensitivity analysis to future returns, ‘what if’ scenarios and exit planning.

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Private Capital Software for Fund Analysis

Private Capital Software for ESG & Impact

ESG & Impact

Embody something more

Lead the way in defining, compiling, and analysing ESG metrics. Get ahead of LP requests before you’re asked by integrating ESG risks and initiatives into your existing reporting.

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LP Reporting

Deliver more for LPs

Automate quarterly investor and internal monitoring reports. Map and compile investor DDQs and LP requests with the click of a button by seamlessly integrating reporting with your existing tools.

Private Capital Software for LP Reporting

Connected ecosystem

All of our modules are fully connected, ensuring data fed in from one end flows through the whole system.

Our unique integration of alternative industry’s most comprehensive Preqin data allows you to see through the private markets.

Our API allows for integration with your existing CRM, accounting or administration systems to maintain a flexible and tailored-user experience across your organization.

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