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XSML Capital Business Case

XSML Business Case

An impact investment fund manager focused on Central and East Africa deploys Preqin Solutions to increase operational efficiencies.

The Challenge: The firm spent time manually combining spreadsheets and lacked one standardized source of truth about its portfolio companies.

Before implementing Preqin Solutions, XSML used Excel and Word to track multiple portfolio companies, often finding the information was not standardized. This made it difficult to understand the performance of the companies in its portfolio.

The fund decided it needed institutional-level technology to help it as it scaled. It evaluated many providers and ultimately selected Preqin Solutions.

The Outcome: One standardized view of its portfolio companies

Preqin Solutions provided XSML with portfolio management software to help the firm manage valuations and financials on its 50+ portfolio companies.

We looked around at a number of solutions and found Preqin Solutions, which has helped us a lot in creating one source of information, making it possible to have one location where everyone – regardless of where they are based – can just log in and easily view the details of a company and find its status” said Barthout van Slingelandt, Managing Partner at XSML.

“There is not one forecast that looks different from another, even though the content may of course be different,” he said.

The firm also appreciates how easy it is to navigate the system and drill down from an overview into more detail, to move from a tearsheet where you have the summary of the company to the financials and valuations.

Before adopting Preqin Solutions, XSML had to ensure that the product worked well in the markets in which it operates – the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. They ran several tests to ensure bandwidth was satisfactory in the markets they operate in, and they found no issues.

Why XSML chose Preqin Solutions

  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Ability to drilldown into the financials and see a big picture view, where relevant
  • Flexibility of the system to accommodate a diverse portfolio
  • Preqin Solutions provided world class support during the system evaluation and implementation stages


  • Enables one source of truth
  • Ensure data is inputted and stored in a consistent way
  • Makes it easy to share information between team members who are located in different offices
  • Saves times by automating manual processes


About XSML

XSML is an investment fund manager operating in frontier markets in Central and East Africa. XSML, eXtra Small Medium Large, aims to grow small businesses into medium and large enterprises.

Although international investors show an increasing interest in emerging markets, the demand for finance from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) remains largely untapped.

XSML, eXtra Small Medium Large, founded in 2008, bridges this gap by investing in small businesses to help them grow into medium and large enterprises. XSML manages two funds with a focus on frontier markets in Central and East Africa: The Central Africa SME Fund and the African Rivers Fund. Our local teams of 14 investment and operating professionals have experience in emerging and frontier markets in private equity, corporate and development banking and corporate restructuring with offices in Kinshasa (DRC) and Kampala (Uganda).


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