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IK Business Case

IK Business Case

Back in 2007, IK Investment Partners began the search for ways to streamline and enhance the reporting process between the various elements of the partnership’s management structure and the preparation of key high-level information from portfolio companies. There were two key drivers: firstly, a desire for greater efficiency, uniformity and frequency in the reporting process; and secondly, an expectation that there would be greater demand in future from LP investors for transparency in the performance of portfolio companies.

The Preqin Solutions platform allowed IK to move smoothly from quarterly to monthly reporting by providing portfolio companies with a straightforward mechanism to report to their respective deal teams and handle queries and adjustments, and ultimately accelerating the reporting cycle.

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About IK

IK Investment Partners (“IK”) is a European private equity advisory group with Nordic roots. Since 1989, IK funds have raised more than €7.5 billion of capital and invested in over 100 European companies. With a geographical focus in continental Northern Europe, its portfolio companies are active in over 100 countries.

IK specialises in identifying businesses with an enterprise value up to €500 million that are currently successful national sector leaders in business services, care, consumer goods and industrial goods, but have the potential to generate substantial growth by entering into new geographies, expanding product offerings and completing selective acquisitions.

The company’s strategy embeds a consistent and structured approach from origination to exit via an operational toolkit called ‘the IK Way’ delivering discipline and clarity to IK funds and management teams while enhancing transparency to investors.

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