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Private Equity: Automate the way you report


When a partner needs a quick and thorough overview for the latest fund to bring to an LP meeting, they rely on their deal teams to put it together. This can be quite a daunting challenge for deal teams to respond to with data for multiple periods spread across countless Excel spreadsheets and locations. Simply putting together an LTM EBITDA across a whole portfolio is no easy feat when you have to consider potentially conflicting historic management accounts and version control issues.

One of our newest clients reported that this type of request would typically take them 2 days (including  nights) to gather reliable and consistent data, as well as shaping the information into a presentable format. When we introduced Baxon’s Standard Product Fund Summary reports, this particular reporting process was brought down to under 5 minutes and a few clicks.

By automating the monthly submissions of management accounts into Baxon’s centralised database, deal teams are able to instantaneously access the most up to date set of information across the whole portfolio (the golden copy). Historic amendments and alterations are managed by workflows that approve and lock down numbers once they have been submitted, ensuring consistency and ironing out version control issue to instil confidence in the numbers.

Now when similar requests from partners come in, deal teams can rely on a single report that automatically pulls approved and consistent numbers into a professional reporting template. The process is as simple as logging into the system, selecting the report and hitting the download button.

Alex Villas-Boas


Alex Villas-Boas is a Senior Consultant specialising in Private Equity valuations at Baxon Solution.

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