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Enhance your fundraising: stand out in a competitive PE market

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Fund Managers across the Private Equity industry think fundraising is one of the key challenges for the 12 months ahead, while Preqin’s most recent Limited Partner survey indicated that they found sourcing attractive investment opportunities increasingly challenging. What are investors looking for?

Preqin Investor Survey - Graph

Operational Excellence ranked as the second most important characteristic for General Partners. Those same investors highlighted the following as the top 3 contributors to the operational excellence. How does Baxon meet those challenges?

  1. Strong Risk Management and Compliance: Baxon Monitoring Module
    • Analyse portfolio performance both across and within individual portfolio companies.
    • Validations ensure accuracy of portfolio company performance data.
    • Use traffic-light parameters to manage portfolio risk.
    • Aggregate performance to highlight portfolio exposure.
    • Full reporting compliance with ILPA, Invest Europe, IPEV, Alt-Exchange.
  2. Robust Valuation Platform: Baxon Valuation Module
    • Drive valuation best practice with the fully flexible Baxon valuation module.
    • Customise valuation outputs in the Baxon cloud or choose from Baxon’s best in class reporting outputs.
    • Clean data flow from the portfolio company, to the valuation module and up to the LP Reports.
    • Valuation compliance with Invest Europe, ASC 820, IFRS 13 and IPEV guidelines.
  3. Timeliness and transparency with investor reporting: Baxon LP Reporting Suite
    • Automate your investor reporting right from the data collection with workflows and integrated sign-off process.
    • Produce reports from a consistent source of data.
    • Instantly respond to both investor specific templates and ad-hoc queries.
    • Create reports on the fly in an instant.
    • Slice and dice fund track records for fundraising presentations including gross and net IRRS.

Use Baxon’s Monitoring, Valuation and LP Reporting Suite to increase the speed and success of your fundraise. Get more info at info@baxonpe.com or contact us at 020 3207 0480.

By Henry Wadsworth, EMEA Business Development Associate at Baxon Solutions

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