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Why choose Baxon Solutions

Baxon PCMS offers a fresh perspective for sophisticated medium and large Private Equity firms wishing to complement their existing system infrastructure with an online solution that allows them to understand what is really happening in their portfolio companies in real time.

PE firms typically receive reports in different formats and structure from their portfolio companies and then re-key that data in other spreadsheets to develop a number of portfolio monitoring reports. This is a fine starting point, but eventually PE firms realize that monitoring what is going on in their investments based on a number of increasingly complicated spreadsheets is substantially precarious and present the following problems and limitations:

  • Labour intensive: Re-keying is very time-consuming and leads to errors.
  • No economies of scale: each additional company adds proportionately more work.
  • No traceability: changes of data cannot be traced and audited.
  • Limited usability: hard to identify trends, highlight deviations, compare different time series, use different accumulations  (YTD, LTM, QTR), rank performers, etc.

    With the implementation of Baxon PCMS everybody wins.

  •  Portfolio Managers, Partners and Investment Managers access comprehensive, intuitive and updated information about the companies they monitor in real time.
  • Back office teams and fund administrators save significant time in the gathering-formatting process, and…
  • Portfolio company CFOs are not obligated to change their existing reporting job.

    If you would like to receive additional information about Baxon’s products or services,    please contact us to learn more.

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