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Baxon Solutions Launch Baxon Fund Analyser

London, 30/11/2015. Baxon is pleased to announce the launching of a new module integrated with their system: Baxon Fund Performance Analyser v 1.0.

Baxon Fund Performance Analyser provides GPs and LPs a simple and intuitive tool for dynamic analysis of portfolio and fund track records, including ‘slice and dice’ of IRRs, sensitivity analysis to future returns, ‘what if’ scenarios, exit planning and allows benchmarking against peer Private Equity fund administrators.

According to Paula España, Baxon Director, “This module is filling a need of the Investor Relations and Senior Management teams in the GP industry. Particularly useful for Fund Raising and Strategic Portfolio Management, Baxon Fund Performance Analyser allows GPs to have critical track record analysis always ready and updated saving significant time and enhancing the quality of services provided to investors”.

Baxon Fund Performance Analyser can be 100% integrated with the Baxon suite of products, Baxon Monitoring and Baxon Valuation, allowing full traceability of valuation and portfolio company financials. The module can also be integrated with fund administration systems through Baxon API, allowing GPs to leverage on their existing system infrastructure.

Baxon Fund Performance provides a graphic interactive rich interface fully tablet and mobile ready.

For more information, please visit www.baxonsolutions.com or contact bsuarez@baxonpe.com

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