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Baxon Excel Live Link Release (BELL V6.0)

B.E.L.L v6.0 is the latest upgrade to Baxon’s Portfolio Company Management System

Baxon Excel Live Link (B.E.L.L) is an Excel Add-in used to automatically read data points from the Baxon platform and use them in existing reports and models. Every time a spreadsheet is updated the latest figures and comments stored in Baxon PCMS will automatically refresh within the model, turning BELL into a powerful tool for reporting, modelling and analysis.

Other enhancements in the latest version include the PULL & PUSH redesign that allows the bi-directional upload of information to and from Baxon via MS Excel. Together with the improved features, a new user interface has been launched which allows users to generate queries and reports following simple and intuitive on screen instructions.

Version 6.0 upgrade brings:

  • Improved Flexibility of PULL&PUSH value ranges: Now each one of the parameters (company, dimension, accumulation, dates, metrics) can be:
    • Unique cell: A single parameter for all values
    • Column range: A whole column of parameters with one value for each row.
    • Row range: A whole row of parameters with one value for each column.
  • New Ribbon: Ribbon revamp to improve user experience.
  • New feature, Company List: Added the option to PULL the complete environment List.
  • Improved UX: Several fixes and improvements towards a better User Experience.
  • Improved: PULL now brings empty values in case of invalid/null parameters, instead of interrupting the process.

If you would like further information about Baxon’s BELL or Portfolio Company Management System, do not hesitate to contact us: info@baxonpe.com

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