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Baxon Excel live link release (BELL V5.0)

Baxon Solutions is pleased to announce the release of B.E.L.L v5.0: the latest upgrade to Baxon’s private equity portfolio management system.

Baxon Excel Live Link (B.E.L.L) is an Excel add-in which allows users to seamlessly integrate their Excel spreadsheets with Baxon’s cloud platform. Reports can be generated on the fly, with the ability to pull data from the cloud as well as update the system from spreadsheets with the click of a button.

The outstanding improvements in the latest version are the PULL & PUSH redesign that allows users to download and upload information from/to Baxon through MS Excel. Together with the improved features, a new user interface has been launched which allows users to generate queries and reports following simple and intuitive on screen instructions.

  • New installer: Reduced installation time plus alerts for future updates added.
  • New GUI: This enables users to create reports in a flexible and intuitive way
  • New level of interaction between BELL and Baxon (Baxon Features): This allows seamless integration of pre-existing off line models with Baxon’s Cloud platform.

If you would like further information about Baxon’s BELL or portfolio management system, do not hesitate to contact us: info@baxonpe.com

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