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LP Reporting Suite

The Baxon LP Reporting Suite enables Investor Relations teams to automate the entire LP reporting process. Powered through the Baxon Monitoring, Valuation and Fund Analyser Modules; the data for every report comes from a consistent source. This tool has been designed for General Partners to save time as well as improving accuracy and proficiency in the reporting process.

  • Automate General Partner reports for Limited Partners: Replicate and automate your existing LP reports, both in the Baxon cloud platform and in Excel, allowing your investor relations team to streamlineyour quarterly limited partner reporting process.
  • Populate Exceltemplates instantly: The Baxon LP Engine allows Investor Relations teams to manage and automatically populate specific LP templates in Excel.
  • Respond immediatelyto LP requests: Use both BELL – ‘BaxonExcel Live Link’ – and theunique Baxon search engineto drill down into specificmetrics, ensuring rapidresponse to LimitedPartner queries.





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