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Press Release: Baxon Announces Performance Benchmark Capabilities

London 22th March 2016. Baxon Announces Performance Benchmark Capabilities New tool allows integrated private equity benchmarking using Preqin data Baxon today announces that its Portfolio Company Management System (PCMS) now feature real-time private equity fund performance data from Preqin. This new tool means that Baxon users will be able to benchmark their …Read More

Baxon Excel Live Link Release (BELL V6.0)

B.E.L.L v6.0 is the latest upgrade to Baxon’s Portfolio Company Management System Baxon Excel Live Link (B.E.L.L) is an Excel Add-in used to automatically read data points from the Baxon platform and use them in existing reports and models. Every time a spreadsheet is updated the latest figures and comments …Read More

Baxon Solutions Launch Baxon Fund Analyser

London, 30/11/2015. Baxon is pleased to announce the launching of a new module integrated with their system: Baxon Fund Performance Analyser v 1.0. Baxon Fund Performance Analyser provides GPs and LPs a simple and intuitive tool for dynamic analysis of portfolio and fund track records, including ‘slice and dice’ of …Read More

Private Equity reporting: Closing the Loop

Introducing a new process into the financial close in Private Equity reporting is not for the faint-hearted. CFOs and FDs need order, they already have enough chaos to contend with – especially at the culmination of a reporting cycle, when they are wrapped in the familiarity of their own spreadsheets …Read More

It’s here! New Baxon PCMS UI design

We are pleased to announce a newly designed user interface for our Portfolio Company Monitoring Software, which comprises of a number of improvements that have been developed in direct response to the needs of our clients. The new design for the PCMS user interface is: More intuitive and easier to navigate Straightforward …Read More

Baxon Excel live link release (BELL V5.0)

Baxon Solutions is pleased to announce the release of B.E.L.L v5.0: the latest upgrade to Baxon’s private equity portfolio management system. Baxon Excel Live Link (B.E.L.L) is an Excel add-in which allows users to seamlessly integrate their Excel spreadsheets with Baxon’s cloud platform. Reports can be generated on the fly, …Read More

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