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About Us

Preqin Solutions, formerly Baxon Solutions, is the lead innovator in cloud solutions for the private equity industry. We deliver simple functionality to enhance the quality of data and the decision-making tools available to portfolio companies and asset owners. Central to this objective is the belief that these tools should be accessible to all market participants. We aim to accommodate all firm sizes through a scalable pricing model and a lightweight solution that can be managed without significant client resource.

Established in 2005, Preqin Solutions has built an extensive in-house team of experienced consultants and financial analysts, supporting a global customer base. We provide a consultative approach which fully assesses your business challenges, and configures a solution to perfectly fit your needs.

Preqin Solutions is a subsidiary of Preqin Limited, the leading source of information for the alternative assets industry, providing data and analysis via online databases, publications and bespoke data requests. Preqin’s products and services are utilized by more than 47,000 professionals, for a range of activities including investor relations, fundraising, marketing and market research. Founded in 2003, the company operates from offices in London, Singapore, New York, Austin, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and Manila.

Why Preqin Solutions

We are wholly focused on supporting and enhancing the portfolio management process, allowing integration with legacy and best of breed systems. Our solution offers consistency and complete transparency in line with private equity directives such as AIFMD, Form PF and private equity industry alliances such as Altexchange and InvestEurope.

Our cloud solution saves time through the automation of manual processes, and has been proven to reduce time spent on the reporting process by over 45%. No new hardware, software or IT support is required, and the implementation period is just 8-12 weeks; by far the fastest turnaround in the industry. In addition, most Preqin Solutions users require less than an hour of training in the new software.

Preqin Solutions is not a file-based system which relies on an Excel add-in, yet the system can interface with Excel as required. We believe that the future is an agnostic web interface.

Through the integration of Preqin data, we have the unique ability to contextualize your fund performance relative to public and private markets. Along with this data comes the insight gained through access to the expectations of more than 10,000 global market participants.


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