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Case Studies

Palatine Private Equity Business Case

In managing and reviewing the performance of its portfolio, Palatine Private Equity (PPE) had become over-dependent on its deal team members, which limited fund-level co-operation and control. Data collection and monitoring was cumbersome and limited in scope, utilising Excel-based summaries of KPIs by company, transposed from PDFs and other reports. Though this system was …Read More

IK Business Case

Back in 2007, IK Investment Partners began the search for ways to streamline and enhance the reporting process between the various elements of the partnership’s management structure and the preparation of key high-level information from portfolio companies. There were two key drivers: firstly, a desire for greater efficiency, uniformity and …Read More

Apax Business Case

Apax was looking for a cloud solution to abandon a file based (Excel) approach and streamline the entire Portfolio Management process. Thanks to Preqin Solutions they improved their efficiency, transparency, collaboration and visibility of their Portfolio companies. Apax has created a scalable platform for further developments, which include web based valuation, …Read More